Our Services

Software & Web Development

Software LifeCycle Development Management, Web Apps Development, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Sharepoint, ASP.Net.

Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP S4HANA, HANA Express Edition, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics Cloud, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Infor, IBM-Open, IBM Watson, Openstack, Blockchain.

Cloud Deployment

Hybrid Deployment, SAP Business ByDesign, HANA Cloud, HANA Mobility, Microsoft Azure, AWS-Amazon, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Haddop deployment.

Internet of Everythings

SAP S4HANA, SAP Plat.one, SAP HANA Vora, SAP BusinessObject Cloud, SAP Mobility, SAP Visual Enterprise, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Fusion, IBM-IoE, IBM-Open, IBM-Watson, Intel-IoT, Blockchain, Openstack, Cloudera, Eclipse-IoT,


Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Risk Analytics, Financial Analytics, Employee Analytics, Insight Analytics, Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Digital Analytics,

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

SAP S4HANA Mobility, Oracle Mobility, IBM-MobileFirst, Android, Apple, Xamarin,

Business Portal Development

We support organizations with strong professional skilled expertise , reliable, and notable digital presence. we believe in the principle of Innovation, Information, and Inspiration.
We ensure satisfaction of clients and business-users.
I. Professional expertise.
II. Round-the-clock service assistance.
1-B2C portals, 2-B2B portals, 3-CSM, 4-CRM.

Deployment Support

Our Deployment support consist of every possible sort of online services,
Software as a Service (SaaS),
Platform as a Service (PaaS), and
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
We provide support on all the platform, viz OpenStack, OpenIBM, Opensolaris, Opencloud, all the open sources of Enterprise Resource Planning.

Technical Help Desk

Designed to provide customers with the timely resolution of the issues that they require. Dedicated to providing dependable service and timely problem resolution,committed to communicating and collaborating. Installing, configuring, diagnosing of hardware and software,

Remote Support

Remote support is a cost-effective technology that allows a technician to service your computer from a remote location. This way, the technician doesn't even have to be where your computer is located

High Level Security

We provide all Types of Security Threats and Its Prevention
1-Viruses, 2-Hackers, 3-Phishing Threats, 4-Infected Websites, 5-Spywares, Adware, Trojans, 6-Insecure Wireless access points, 7-Social engineering, 8-Back Doors, 9-Brute Force, 10-Denial of Service (DOS), 11-Exposure to known vulnerabilities, 12-Password guessing, 13-Hijacking, ( a-Network hijacking, b-Browser hijacking, c-Website hijacking) 14-Random dialing or war dialing, 15-Sniffers, 16-Spoofing, 17-Trojan horses,

Experienced Staff

our experience staff gives a global, real-time view of data that can enable companies to address concerns proactively and drive profit, Improves financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduces risk, automates core business operations such as lead-to-cash, order-to-fulfillment, and procure-to-pay processes, Enhances customer service by providing one source for billing and relationship tracking.

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge based solutions to companies is primary competitive advantage, born of experience and unique insight, identifies and addresses specific market gaps and query of customers and employees,
1-Capturing and Reusing Knowledge, 2-Address Relevant Issues for your Team, 3-Frequent Updates, 4-Content Creation and Collaboration, 5-Social Insight and Sharing, 6-Continuous Improvement, 7-Creating a Simplified, Streamlined Taxonomy.

24/7 Secure Monitoring

we provide 24by7 secure software define monitoring to all business processes that are performed on a computing system, and provides reporting services to the system, business manager,

Scalability to Fit Your Needs

Our scalability is build with DevOps, InfraOps, CloudOps, DataOps, we do planning, tuning, monitoring, and maintenance,tracking current capacity and capacity planning in essential business practices, Replication Backups.

Client Appreciation
Companies Satisfaction

Business Best Practices
Immediate, Intelligent, Integrate See our latest business metholodogy can accelerate your companies to run live in a digital world. put accelerator of economic growth